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2020-10-30 11:28 (#68206)
Besvart Besvart

Adresse: Borgermester Eidems gate 8B

Kart (69.6602480330839, 18.960127173740727)

Hello, We live right below Dramsvegen. Our back yard faces on Dramsvegen side. Last winter (2019/20), there were dangerous situations happened, caused by the snow removal works by trucks on Dramsevegen. One day was during daytime. Suddenly a large number of ice balls, removed from the road above and scattered by overspeed snow removing truck, flew over and fell on us when we were playing on back yard. The ice balls landed around and near us. There was no moment to run away or lay down. Fortunately, none of them hit on us. But most of ice balls were heavy and big enough to connect to serious injury or even more. The biggest one had a same size as child head. Remarkable thing is that the fence on Dramsvegen on our house part is higher than other part along the road. But ice went over. In another night, outside of our windows was all white out, which was snow dust caused by snow truck. Next day, we found branches of tree standing near Dramsvegen were "destroyed." Please spend some time to consider of this issue and implement measure in order not to cause same accident. Thank you.

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